we were founded on wednesday 1 august 2550 be. by our the first aim…….

—we wished for professional level up in honesty. no illegal commit.

—we wished for touch to ‘REALITY’…wanted to participate all process.


our vision

—we’ll learn together…from working / seminar / reading in time…everytime!!!

—we’ll support everything with honesty and deny illegal commit.

—we’ll listen and share comments…we won’t have been ‘JUNIOR’ and ‘SENIOR’

—moomnamngern (blue corner) is a normal challenger , not moomdang (red corner) who is the champion

    so our way is “wide knowledge” (general)  not “deep knowledge” (expert)…we have to done everything in our vocation.  


our scope

—architecture , engineering and system design.

—construction management or consulting